Love and acceptance

We are taught that it is difficult to say that we love and to accept that we are loved, when in the end this is what all people are looking for. To feel that we are loved, that we are accepted.

The only lesson is love.

It has now become complicated for us to tell the other the simplest, the purest. I love you.

Human man, woman. I love you.

We love people. Those of us who are on the path of recognition, search, reminder. At any level, in whatever situation, no matter how confused we may be.

At some point we will understand, or rather remember, that strength is in the union.

“Man” and “woman” are our qualities. Love the man in you, the woman in you.

We are on a way of remembrance. It is liberating to connect with all of our qualities. Men, women, role models, archetypes, let’s recognize them in ourselves. We are everything. We remember and learn again. We become more and more whole, more and more independent, and more and more fear-free.

All human qualities. Men's - women's.

We are taught that it is difficult to say that we love and to accept that we are loved, when in the end this is what all people are looking for. To feel that we are loved, that we are accepted.

It makes it difficult for us to show compassion, and we are constantly searching for what is fair and right.

What makes us so special after all? Why is human the only animal that consciously causes pain to another human being, while at the same time can consciously comfort?

What does it matter “how manly” or “how womanly” you are? How human are you? How compassionate are you? How much space do you make for the person next to you? How much do you help? How much do you accept?

How hard society has taught us to say we love another person. We love men, women, people. It’s not important what you are, how you define yourself. What is important is how you are, how you present yourself to the person next to you, how connected you are, how much you improve yourself… How human are you?

The media is designed to spread fear.

I choose to focus on the positives of life, people and society. Love was and always will be the antidote to fear. Any fear

αγάπη, αποδοχή, συμπόνια, love, compassion, acceptance

In the world horrors happen. Perversion has existed and will exist. I refuse to include it in the norm.

When we focus on those unhuman qualities, does it benefit us? Or does it give room to hatred, division and an idea of “I’m better than you”?

Reject all fear. Embrace. I believe in human who loves and worships human. The man who loves and adores the woman. The woman who loves and adores the man. The man who loves and adores the man. The woman who loves and adores woman.

People. Humanity. Solidarity. Understanding. Compassion.

Man is a special case. We have the following unique quality where we need to discover and cultivate our talents. The greatness of our soul. With qualities that refine us as a species. These are what make us different from the animal kingdom. Not to separate, we are not different, the animals and plants, we are all one. But objectively the most intellectual part is characteristically human.

Not the killing instincts, not the survival instincts, not the instinct to expand and place territory “So I’m showing who’s in charge here, I’ll also build a wall. Literally” (What a story with the walls..!)

The funny thing is, we know all of these. And we can always choose. And according to Taoism and our dual nature, the duality we came to live on this earth, one is necessary for the other to exist. Opposite and complementary forces.

So, since there are all these horrors, there are corresponding euphoric states. The expression of compassion, understanding, acceptance, care, love.

Each person can always choose what, who and how to stand in the human body they put on.

All people have potentially the same qualities. Which ones will appear depends on the circumstances of their life, if they are threatened, if they are in an environment where the person is allowed to cultivate. Humans know this, all too well. To what level each person will reach beyond the circumstances of his life, is a matter of consciousness.

Whatever is written represents the sharing of personal thoughts and observations. Its purpose is to share and potentially provoke thought. It is not a diagnosis, nor a reference to illnesses, syndromes, dysfunctions, or disorders.

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