Higher Self

The higher self is closer to our universal connection and is the link of communication so that we express our higher life purpose through our works and actions.

Analysis and understanding

In this search and analysis of the expressions of our being, we have already made a reference to the lower self.

In the various spiritual practices as well as psychoanalytical understandings, our existence is divided into multiple expressions in the fields, dimensions and planes. There are various interpretations and placements, divisions and terminologies. Those that will be used in this text are from the practices of reiki, theta healing and personal spiritual search. Some things have been tuned through meditation and some things through experience.

What is the benefit of knowing about our higher self?

As we develop and evolve spiritually, it is impossible for us to coordinate in the field of fear, insecurity, ill-will, beggarly, “poor me” mindset, jealousy, gossip. Of course, we are aware that these qualities exist in our world, but by changing our frequency, these are things and situations that do not concern our energy field. We are attuned to the highest expressions of existence and our actions are automatically directed to the expression of the virtues in life. These virtues may at first be a simple understanding and then automatically become a state of being.

A simple example is compassion and gratitude. In the beginning, one can do the gratitude exercise, the gratitude journal, or gratitude meditations. But then all this gratitude becomes a state of being and we experience this “thank you” in every inhalation and exhalation, in every cell. It is something that comes out and expresses itself all around us. Accordingly, compassion extends to every living being.

The higher self

The higher self is often presented as an intangible expression of our being (distinct from the soul), which in our visualizations and meditations we recognize as a greater version of ourselves above and beyond us.

The higher self acts as a link between the higher (cosmic/divine/whole/universe) and our soul for guidance, protection and coordination with our life purpose.

It is expressed as a higher form of consciousness and its role is to guide us for the higher good, personal and collective. We must not forget that our higher self is evolved, but it is also evolving with us, so as we learn and grow, so does it.

The higher self is closer to our universal connection and is the link of communication so that we express our higher life purpose through our works and actions. The more attuned we are to this, the more effortless our communication becomes, the better we are walking our unique path,  even when we are lost for a while or for periods of our lives. The closer and more connected we are to our higher self the less the EGO (selfish/egoic self) interferes.

The role of the higher self is to guide us in tune with our inner compass leading us to discover and stay on our “path” and always in connection with our inner voice. Through the higher self we also come into contact with the talents that await us in the conscious mind to cultivate and develop to the highest degree we choose.

Within the higher self lies our ability to tune in and discover people who are “for us” – known as soul family. That is, people who coordinate, meet, work and make all kinds of relationships for our evolution from each other. And in the long run and in everyone’s personal work.

Even when we go through difficult periods in our lives, from illness, bereavement or any other painful process, with the higher self we have our inner guidance, our inner voice to handle them completely differently. Of course, when someone experiences any of these things, they usually feel unable to fly dominated by so many other senses and inner turmoil. But again. By staying connected or having done this work/recognition to our higher self in another phase of our lives, we choose to step out of victimization and find our way back to solutions.

How do we connect/recognize our higher self?

It may all start as a simple lifestyle improvement or observation for some. As we focus in this direction, this inner connection with the higher self, with the self that expresses all these qualities in our daily life, automatically shifts for the better. Our priorities, needs and desires become clear and thus we gain greater awareness, mindfulness and self-awareness.

Take some time and notice your reactions and thoughts, and in your own time, in your own way, identify if there is something you wish to change and find out how to achieve it.

To get in touch with and resolve the patterns that concern you, whether you recognize that they are part of the lower self or not, you can try reiki, theta healing and meditation.

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Whatever is written represents the sharing of personal thoughts and observations. Its purpose is to share and potentially provoke thought. It is not a diagnosis, nor a reference to illnesses, syndromes, dysfunctions, or disorders.

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