Intuition, part 1

All humans have intuition and intuitive abilities. It is an internal mechanism that guides and protects us. It is the inner voice of the soul and its immediate messenger. It is the part of our soul that is connected to pure inner truth without the filters of the mind.

Intuition as a personal matter

All humans have intuition and intuitive abilities. It is an internal mechanism that guides and protects us. It is the inner voice of the soul and its immediate messenger. It is the part of our soul that is connected to pure inner truth without the filters of the mind. Intuition is also connected to our individual inner compass and guides us in decision-making.

When it comes to practicing our intuition there is no right and wrong way to do it. But there is a separation between pure intuition and our imagination/delusion. As we practice it we can have a better understanding of the information we receive.

A person with a developed intuition trusts their inner guidance very strongly to make decisions.

The important thing we can distinguish when we talk about intuition is that sometimes we know the right answer without needing a logical explanation. We can allow ourselves to know without being able to explain it. When it comes to intuition, there is nowhere the sense of falsehood (that what we sense is false) or doubt.

By the age of 7-8, our intuitive centers are open and it is easier for us to feel all of this. Over the years, the various social filters and filters of our logic set in, which usually create blockages in our intuitive abilities. There are also cases where we grow up in an environment where the person’s intuition is strengthened and embraced and encouraged to follow it. This is rarer. People whose personal path/intuition/inner direction has been stifled will need their own time to get back in touch with it.

Intuition also is able to protect us from what is inappropriate and incompatible with us. When the inner “no” appears, it has many expressions. It is connected with distancing and alertness, the awareness that something is appropriate or not. Intuition is also related to the survival instinct and when we are in extreme situations of fear and shock, the survival fight or flight response takes over immediately and automatically.

Some of the most well-known and familiar intuitive tools

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Dreams are often reported, especially by women. People with strong intuitive dreams say that they receive messages or answers through them. They experience the symbolism of dreams very intensely and can understand many things that are not so apparent with conscious thought.

clairvoyance, intuitive, intuition, διαίσθηση, διαισθητικός, διόραση


It is the ability of people whose third eye chakra is open, and they can see beyond the obvious and visible elements. The message of sensation can come in the form of color, vision, something like a photograph/picture, sometimes more vivid, sometimes fainter.

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It is the ability of people whose ear and throat chakras are open. When these individuals receive messages from their intuition, they receive them through sound. It can be an indistinct sound, a voice, or a word. For example, the inner voice might say, “Something tells me to do/not do this today.” Those with developed clairaudience are usually good listeners and can hear additional information or what lies behind what someone shares.

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The feeling that we simply know. In this case, we have an inner, unwavering knowledge without knowing “where and how we know something.” This describes a deep internal knowledge that leaves no room for doubt.

intuitive, intuition, butterflies in stomach, gut feeling,διαίσθηση, διαισθητικός, πεταλούδες στο στομάχι

Gut feeling/Butterflies in the stomach:

This is a feeling so internal and true that we cannot ignore it at all. Sometimes, we try to suppress it but regret it afterward.


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Clairalience or Intuitive sense of smell:

Some people have a very strong sense of smell and can detect things that others ignore. The message here comes in the form of a scent, either pleasant or unpleasant, conveying information through smell.

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Clairgustance or Intuitive sense of taste:

Less commonly mentioned is intuitive taste. However, there are times when we receive an intuitive message through taste, similar to the sense of smell, which can be either pleasant or unpleasant.

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Intuitive touch:

In this case, a person may be generally kinesthetic in their life. They prefer to learn through action and movement. This is a common phenomenon in many therapists who do massage, as they feel a person’s body they touch, the pain, and blockages through touch.

We may have one intuitive sense stronger than the others, and different ones may be activated at different times in our lives. As we trust our intuition, other senses may also develop.

People with a developed a sense to the extent that they trust it to receive intuitive messages may be highly sensitive. They can be sensitive to the smells of spaces, sounds, and colors. The individual becomes increasingly aware of their surroundings, and it is important to create a comfortable personal space.

Intuition in Therapies

In the part of expanding to receive messages through our intuitive senses, we develop a more subtle connection, to get from the person who asks for the treatment, the little messages that the mind tries to ignore or completely ignores.

Through training and practice, an energy healer continually develops their sensation, allowing them to feel and perceive many blockages that manifest in the body, often related to emotions. Furthermore, messages related to personal growth and development emerge in the self-awareness part of the receiver.

Every therapist, regardless of the healing art they practice, from the moment they engage in gratitude, love, meditation, personal peace, self-improvement, and during the therapy session, creates a space for the person seeking help, opening their intuitive centers to offer and receive what the individual needs.

When our intuitive centers have developed sufficiently, and we have moved away from doubt, we can use this openness in all therapies and healing arts, achieving a comprehensive holistic approach.

Individuals with developed intuition are not necessarily therapists, but even therapists do not necessarily have developed intuition.

Whatever is written represents the sharing of personal thoughts and observations. Its purpose is to share and potentially provoke thought. It is not a diagnosis, nor a reference to illnesses, syndromes, dysfunctions, or disorders.

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