Be the best version of yourself

The best version of yourself starts with you.

Be the best version of yourself. Every moment of your life. In the here and now.

Being the best version of yourself means accepting that every decision you make is the best you can make for yourself. It is the best you can imagine, and you only accept the best for yourself.

The best version of yourself inspires and invites those around you – your circle, your loved ones – to do the same or to be the best they can be at every moment. Even if they don’t, you have created a space for acceptance and understanding.

The best version of yourself:

By embracing the best version of yourself, you can overcome fear, regret, and break free from the shackles of caring about what others might think.

Your best self is waiting for you to discover it with open arms. It is always there for you as long as you choose to embrace it. Glowing up is an inside job.

Whatever is written represents the sharing of personal thoughts and observations. Its purpose is to share and potentially provoke thought. It is not a diagnosis, nor a reference to illnesses, syndromes, dysfunctions, or disorders.

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