Love and acceptance

love, acceptance, growth

We are taught that it is difficult to say that we love and to accept that we are loved, when in the end this is what all people are looking for. To feel that we are loved, that we are accepted.

Higher Self

higher self, ανώτερος εαυτός, αυτοβελτίωση,

The higher self is closer to our universal connection and is the link of communication so that we express our higher life purpose through our works and actions.

Lower Self

κατώτερος εαυτός, lower self, shadow work, σκια

The lower self has a lot of difficulty with changes, it does not want to change what it has known and learned so far because that is how it recognizes “itself”.

The mourning of the cassette.

κασσέτα, αναλογική κασέτα,cassette, analogue, analogue cassette

I’ve cried a lot over these cassettes. And during my vacation, at some point, I couldn’t stop thinking about them. They needed some form of redemption. Even with this brief mention.

It’s a trap!

past present future

How can we become better in the days to come, when we want to bring to our “future” what and who we were in our “past”?

Fasting! More than a personal case!


Fasting in larger social groups, as with religious fasts, used to symbolize periods of life and nature. It was done during the winter and spring equinoxes and prepared the body as it symbolized attunement to the changing of the seasons.

Who is the healer after all?

Energy healing

Usually, the more energy-related the issue becomes, the greater the degree of distrust that accompanies it, but we can always understand whether what is given to us is actually helpful or not.

Full moon meditation

Luckily and hopefully more material for the BrainTuning podcast will be ready soon.