Mindfulness Mondays 08

In every breath, in every moment of our lives, there is an opportunity. The opportunity to delve into the magic of life.

8 Weeks Introduction to Mindfulness!

Yes, that’s right, this is just the introduction. These are simply ideas and examples. Practice in mindfulness never stops; we continually progress but also return to our previous steps to see if we have actually progressed as much as we think.

In these 8 weeks, we talked about the initial understanding of mindfulness, we progressed in our connection with breath, with gratitude, with nature, with daily life, with food, with self-acceptance. In this final sharing of the 8 weeks, we will focus on living each moment.

You can return to any of the previous topics anytime you wish.

Mindfulness in every moment

In every breath, in every moment of our lives, there is an opportunity. The opportunity to delve into the magic of life. In the miracles that are around and within us every second. In cultivating a healthy relationship with our soul and ourselves, the peace within us, the liberated version of ourselves from non-useful/dysfunctional patterns.

We open to abundance and acceptance. We stay in a stance of acceptance and understanding for every being around us. We become more transparent in thought, in emotions, and in behavior. We gain inner peace and tranquility.

i love you, everything, always

Achieving such is not easy; even when we reach those moments of peace and tranquility, there may be traps, stumbling blocks, and setbacks. These are the situations that evolve us the most. After such experiences, we become stronger, we gain flexibility and resilience. The more we maintain the position of the observer, the more we stay in the present moment. In the here and now.

The opposite of "perfection"

With mindfulness and a conscious way of living, we help ourselves to detach from the notion of perfect, perfectionism, and the constant pressure that creates anxiety, and we never feel ready.

who am i

The importance of all actions in our lives is repetition, personal commitment, and dedication. I become the master of my life, of my decisions, I understand the personal challenge of self-improvement and choose where to focus. I understand who I want to be and turn in that direction.

Since personal exploration never ends, we continually deepen and advance in what interests us. We remind ourselves that we first inspire ourselves, which has a direct impact on the people around us. Each person is only responsible for their own change, their own presence. No one changes by force, and we all have free will for any step in our lives.

As we incorporate all these, we allow ourselves not to take personally things that do not concern us. We recognize when and to what extent we can intervene to help. At the same time, we stay in a position to declare ourselves available to offer our help once such a request is made.


All the above, day by day, practice by practice, self-improvement upon self-improvement, one resolution after another… bring us to a state of acceptance. By extension, to compassion.

more self love

We perceive the pain of others without making it our own, with the understanding not to take it upon ourselves. However, we create space for that pain or any need to be expressed, to say to our fellow human, “I hear you, I see you, I am here.” And WE ARE, with all our senses, PRESENT.

We also understand that each of us is constantly making choices. We understand when, how, and if we need to intervene in a situation. Likewise, we understand when and if we need to distance ourselves from people and situations. Or when a cycle has truly closed.

train your mind

In the behaviors of our environment, we perceive our mirrors. We perceive the past versions of ourselves, the countless versions of ourselves. We reach acceptance and love, and since we have loved all our pieces, how can we not love the wounded pieces of those around us?

Practice of the week!

journal, a nice notebook with mug

In this week’s practice, we will incorporate all the previous practices into one day.

The purpose is to create habits/rituals that suit us, feel like they meet our needs, and help us elevate ourselves.

Example of a day:

Thank you!

This symbolic cycle of 8 weeks is completed with a big thank you.

thank you!

I thank all of you who are here to share this journey with us.

I hope through these sharings you found something that resonates with your life at this moment, something you wish to delve deeper into, something you want to improve. Through these sharings, I hope you remembered pieces of your strength. Found inspiration, found personal motivation.

Always remember to come back. The challenge is always personal.

Share whichever parts of your journey challenged you or seemed more interesting to you. Share your own experience with mindfulness.