Mindfulness Mondays 04

Our sensory organs are overloaded every day, with intense colors, changes of images and sounds, many chemical scents.

Mindfulness and nature.

What is more magical than nature itself? If you observe it closely enough, you know that so many things happen every second. Nothing remains the same in nature after 10 minutes. They seem “all the same” to us when we have distanced ourselves from this connection.

Different sounds, animals, ground, insects...

The position of the sun, the colors, how everything changes in the few hours we spend in nature, within the realization that we are among trees that took so many years to grow so much, and to us, they seem “static.” We perceive the difference in time, how time flows, and how relative it is.

Nature reminds us of the importance of apparent pause, simply because it has a rhythm that seems slow to human perception today. In the daily life we have created, where we “must” fill every last second before the day ends and we fall asleep, such a necessary connection reminds us that nothing will happen unless it is time for it to happen.

How nature relates to mindfulness

personal growth

By walking in nature, or any other activity, we give space and time to observation, to the present, to the here and now. We let all our senses soften and expand. This alone can become a practice of meditation; it’s the moment we distance ourselves from our thoughts and devote ourselves to our bodies and our senses.

The rustling of leaves, the sound of footsteps on the ground, the birds chirping and fluttering, if there is water nearby, the sound of water in whatever form it is, from a stream to a lake, to the sea, the scents from the ground, if it has rained recently, if it’s going to rain… These observations are made consciously, and we gather a lot of information.

Our sensory organs are overloaded every day, with intense colors, changes of images and sounds, many chemical scents. Contact with nature allows us to clear our stimuli and senses, to remember what it’s like to feel our bodies and to return to self-observation.

As we encounter ourselves again through observation in nature, we can allow ourselves to connect with our personal rhythm, to allow ourselves to blossom in our own time. To perceive what we truly need to grow and we can distance ourselves from comparison and unproductive egoism. Our inner critic calms down and allows us to connect with our needs and priorities.

nature blessings

Let’s go outdoors…!!

yoga outdoors

All activities take on a different dimension when done in nature, from simple yoga, tai chi, and meditation in the park to extreme sports.

Especially when we engage in activities that require heightened reflexes, such as skiing, snowboarding, any form of hiking, because these activities demand our absolute attention, they also function as a form of meditation. Precisely because they bring us back to the “Here and now”.

Contact with nature reminds us of which season we are experiencing, and thus we maintain our relationship with cyclical nature, experiencing it in our bodies, understanding the colors, the feeling and the gifts of each season.

Why is contact with nature necessary?

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