2023, in a nutshell

As we come to the end of December, we turn with a smile, looking at everything the previous year taught us—experiences, situations, people we met or bid farewell to.

End of December. Symbolism.

Winter, we are in the Water element, where cold and darkness prevail. Yin quality. As 2023 was also in the Water element, we can observe separately what it means, which seeds went deeper and filled with water to bloom in the Wood element that awaits us.

This is also the energetic quality that nourishes the seed deep within, patiently waiting for the right moment to open and begin its personal journey. Always at the right and unique time.

So, at the end of December, before the year changes, we align with this quality and look at our seeds, what we gathered after autumn, and which seeds we want to cultivate in the new year.

The goals of the new year are our seeds. Goals expressed in all aspects of our lives. In every personal challenge we set, in our progress on our path, in relationships, and at all levels of our existence.

The collective mind clarifies the endings and the beginnings. Symbolizing that in every phase of life, there can be an end and a beginning. In the depth of winter, there is change, there is a start, there is a note of optimism. There is anticipation and good impatience for what awaits us.

As we come to the end of December, we turn with a smile, looking at everything the previous year taught us—experiences, situations, people we met or bid farewell to.

thank you!

Thank you.


The entire year is a huge THANK YOU. People with whom we shared dreams, actions, plans, discussions, philosophies, understandings. People we walked with, who needed us to face difficulties, with whom we shared initiations.


Thank you.


Thank you for the difficulties and challenges, even for all the tough moments that remind me of the human experience. Moments when I experienced all possible emotions, heavy feelings, all tears expressed, all voices of anger, understanding all of these and the transformation process. Thank you for reminding me that there is nothing to fear.


Thank you.


Thank you to my body for what it offers me, for what it communicates to me, for its abilities and capacities. For what it teaches me every day, for the perception of boundaries, for interaction, for the sensory filters that give me messages from the world around me.


Thank you.


Thank you to the places that welcomed me, invited me, allowed me to visit them, that allowed me to transform and change after each journey. Every journey that made me smarter, fuller, richer.


Thank you.


Thank you to mother nature and my nature. External and internal connection. Thank you to the guides and protectors from wherever they come, always here, guiding and teaching me to trust. Thank you for the magic that exists every day in my life, allowing me to perceive greatness, wonders, and beauty in everything I encounter and see.


Thank you.


Thank you for gratitude, passion, and love. Life, strength, inspiration, seeking, acceptance, flow.


Thank you for the human experience, for the way I have chosen and choose every moment in my life to honor it, embrace it, accept it, and observe it.

wooden dragon chinese

Every year is an initiation into the art of life. Within the collective time, there is individual time. And even smaller times, many rebirths, smaller or larger deaths, symbolized by our internal deaths, our internal rebirth. Observing and connecting to the eternal cycle; in stable, permanent change.

2024 is in the Wood element, bringing the wind that facilitates change. Boldness, going beyond the ordinary.

Let’s live it.

Whatever is written represents the sharing of personal thoughts and observations. Its purpose is to share and potentially provoke thought. It is not a diagnosis, nor a reference to illnesses, syndromes, dysfunctions, or disorders.

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