Mindfulness Mondays 02

Breathing, breathwork, take a deep breath

We are a journey of breaths. Our life begins with our first inhalation and ends with our last exhalation. The entire interval of breaths is the journey of life.

Mindfulness Mondays 01

Mindfulness Monays, monday 1

Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a term that now appears very frequently and concerns all areas of our lives. A person who embarks on the exploration and application of mindfulness quickly realizes that it is not just about focusing on the observation of breath for 5-10 minutes. In these 8 weeks, we will undertake a small personal […]

Intuition, part 2

διαίσθηση, διαισθητικός, intuitive, intuition

In these practices, there is no right or wrong; there exists the subjectivity of human existence, individual needs, direction, and priorities in each person’s life

Love and acceptance

love, acceptance, growth

We are taught that it is difficult to say that we love and to accept that we are loved, when in the end this is what all people are looking for. To feel that we are loved, that we are accepted.

Higher Self

higher self, ανώτερος εαυτός, αυτοβελτίωση,

The higher self is closer to our universal connection and is the link of communication so that we express our higher life purpose through our works and actions.

Lower Self

κατώτερος εαυτός, lower self, shadow work, σκια

The lower self has a lot of difficulty with changes, it does not want to change what it has known and learned so far because that is how it recognizes “itself”.