Grape cure

This year is one of the most stressful years at all levels. With all this stress I gained 7 kilos, and I start grape therapy today 17/8/2021, without having expectations. I just want to help my body detox from everything it has been through all this time. With respect and observation.

The time has come for my most favorite detox of the year! I cannot imagine the summertime without “grape cure”. I first tried it 9 years ago as an experiment and I felt the benefits on my body, so each year when it’s grapes season and the body needs good hydration, I choose to do it!

The inspiration came without knowing a lot but is that thing where the body knows what to do. I felt the need to eat only grapes and drink water. Having tried other seasonal fastings and fruit-eating only, it wasn’t something unusual. But with grapes I got stuck! I immediately felt that it is something that suits me, there was somewhere inside me the so-called “ancient memory” that this is something we do very easily and many years ago! There are references from ancient Greece and ancient Rome. All I knew until I went deeper was the experiential knowledge and what I understood about my body within 5-7 days of application.

Later I decided to look further. Once I realized that there is more knowledge here, I started looking for other people’s experiences with grape cure. This is how I came to Elias Petrou’s book “Grape Therapy” (in English this term is translated as Grape Cure, and the related book from Johanna Brandt)  where many questions were answered. A modern practitioner is Spartakos Marinakis, who also has some articles and videos about grape cure.

Is it safe?

First of all, eating grapes is the only mono-diet fasting where someone can keep for more than 2-3 days. To be more specific up to 1 month. Depending on how inflamed the body is. Whoever tries it constantly observes the body, and understands when and for how long they need it. It is considered a mono-diet – balancer. There are benefits in many and chronic diseases by giving the body the opportunity to clear the inflammations, as with any fasting method. Just what is done with grapes is something unique.

It has been used repeatedly to treat very serious illnesses, but it is also a fasting method used for preventive purposes.

How do I know that it is ok for me?

An important criterion is weight. Someone who is underweight will gain muscle mass, someone who is overweight will release fat and toxins from his body resulting in weight loss, and someone who is healthy will remain at the same weight. I have experienced all the cases, and that is why I am happy to observe the level of health of my body every summer, to make a strong restart of the immune system to be ready for autumn and the change of seasons. 

Another criterion for whether one should stop or continue the grape cure is digestive problems, or changes in the digestive system. That is, diarrhea, constipation, or alternation between them, gas, mucus and any other combination of unhealthy stools. You understand that you can stop when stools are formed and have a normal shape. This indicates that the microbiome has been rebalanced and the indigestible food debris in the gut is cleared. Of course, there may be changes in the color and smell of the urine that also indicate the state of the toxins. 

Can I do it while working?

When the body is in good condition, one can do grape cure and combine exercise and daily activities. Anyone who notices difficulty concentrating, fatigue and other such symptoms of mental exhaustion, is an additional sign that he needs to continue until the mental mood recovers.

I will mention body observation again. What the body needs is not always the same, every day is different. For example, in these 9 years of my application, there are 1-2 years that I didn’t do it due to the weather, and due to physical condition, I felt that my body would not benefit from grape cure that year.

The weather is very important. If it is a bit cold in August, and it feels like early autumn, or it starts to rain then it is not a good time for grape cure. According to the TCM diet, it is not appropriate to eat raw and cold foods in such weather, it will create cold and humidity inside the organs and in some cases can worsen inflammation.

What about trace elements?

I remind you that grapes are as nutritious as (human) breast milk and there is no need to worry about running out of trace elements.

How much and how often?

A very successful combination for complete detoxification that I applied and apply again this year, is the intermittent fasting and grape mono diet. Simply, I choose the 8 hours in which I will eat the grapes and the 18 hours when there will be no food intake but only water if I am thirsty. The daily amount is 1-3 kg, divided into meals.

The first 2 days are usually the most intense, then it becomes easier and easier and the need for food is also less. It is important to do it properly and not to consume products that cause toxins such as e.g. cigarettes, coffee, tea with caffeine and tannins, alcohol and sugar.

We consume exclusively and in ideal conditions organic or grapes from our vineyard and water when and if there is the feeling of thirst. If there is thirst, drink water 2 hours after consuming the grapes.

Anything else to notice?

It is important to gradually reduce food and gradually integrate, and of course when we go back to making our diet, to make conscious decisions to remove habits that add toxins to the body. Avoid processed foods, sugar, alcohol, etc. Follow a rich diet in fresh fruits and vegetables of the season, nuts, a small amount of kneaded bread and ideally with sourdough, for those who consume meat to be organic and free grazing and once every 15 days, lots of legumes, greens, olive oil, lemon.

All the information provided is informative, if someone has health problems or wants to follow a specific treatment, it is good to refer to a nutritionist or naturopath and even with the supervision of his doctor in cases of prescription medicine.

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