Who doesn’t love lists?

When someone makes lists helps both to return to the here and now, and to remain conscious of their choices.

Many people love to make lists! To organize, plan and organize their next moves in the smallest detail. But why is this happening?

It is true that having a list helps us to better manage our goals, from the small ones to the long-term ones. We learn to organize time better and to prioritize. It helps us to prepare the steps that need to be taken and to remain conscious of our motivation. It helps us to review and identify more easily the steps we have taken to achieve each goal. By recognizing the steps we better understand the progress of our efforts.

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How can we stay focused on every new goal we set?

  • By clarifying the reason behind the goal.  That way we do not lose motivation.  One day when we are suspended or overwhelmed by our previous habits that prevent us from changing, we remind ourselves this reason and why this goal is important to us.  So our excuses can be put on hold and we can continue to act towards the goal.
  • Recognizing why this new goal is important to us.  What we really want to achieve and for whom.  As long as we are focused on the fact that the new goal is what we really want, we have smaller deviations.
  • By setting realistic goals based on our starting point.  When we want to incorporate a new habit e.g. a new type of exercise, it is important to see if it fits our body and choose the right level of difficulty.
  • By separating long-term and medium-term goals. It is important to set daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals. At some point, we come to cross-checking the journal we made to see the steps we followed and to see where we are and where we need to go or focus on.

When someone makes lists helps both to return to the here and now, and to remain conscious of their choices.


Let’s get diet and nutrition as an example. When there is a list that will set the meals, we make sure to supply the ingredients on time and to schedule the time so that each meal is prepared. This frees the mind from the thought of ‘what will I eat next’ and we can control ourselves staying within the dietary goals we set. Dealing with the appetite and desire for food honestly is just as important. If you have a craving for fast food, before you order, take a short break, connect with your body, see if it is what you really need and how much it brings you closer or further away from your dietary goals. And if the answer is, “yes, right now my body wants this” then enjoy your meal without guilt, and you return to your schedule the next day.

Lists for money, spending budget and income can not be left out.

When we have to calculate any financial goal we set e.g. journey, these lists calm down our minds. Where do we start and in how much time is it possible to manifest it. Or what needs to be done to increase the income so that we can offer ourselves what we really want. Or what cuts can be made from other expenses so that we are not in deprivation but also to create the necessary amount to achieve the goal.

Some days we may feel a lack of motivation or a lack of mood and we may feel like we are going backward. But with these small obstacles, we follow the flow and we remain in the observation of the body and the spirit.

We distance ourselves from the punitive mind and allow ourselves to express possible insecurities and concerns, which may put us in the process of finding solutions.

It is important to give ourselves permission even to change priorities because the goals are something fluid.

And when we even get to the point of revoking a previous goal, it means that something else has appeared that interests us the most. There are times in our lives when goals change almost every day until we decide what we need, what we want and what really suits us.

Below are the lists that help me organize my thinking and time. You can print them or if you have a pdf editor use them on your devices.

Do you make lists? If so, what kind of lists help you the most? If not, are you ready to try them? Send a message or leave a comment with your impressions and if you want to share how you manage your goals and priorities.

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