Happy birthday to me

August has always been the month of birthdays, with mine, my brother's, and my father's.

Difficulty to celebrate, difficulty to feel joy. Again, all of Greece is burning with huge fires that have not been put out for days. With the empathy levels hitting red, with sadness, with frustration, with anger, with many heavy emotions. And yet, the difficulties are there so the easiness can exist, too. It is important to stay calm and help when needed in any way you can.

One of the worst summers we have ever had, and in it, we find a way to keep a smile, optimism and keep prosperous morale. In order not to forget the individual in the collective, to say to me well done, I deserve, happy birthday. What is important for the individual is not to lose the center. Strength, support, balance, motivation, goal.

I’m having the weirdest birthday. August has always been the month of birthdays, with mine, my brother’s, and my father’s, in calendar order. This year is my first birthday without my father. An absence that makes it difficult for me to celebrate. Without having the appetite to rejoice, I have my mother, my brother and my friends give me so much love to make up for the loss. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wishes and love. After so much difficulty I can say that today I felt grateful again.

Felt that it is worth being here and that nothing is over yet.

A huge thank you. Bigger than the word fits. Like a huge hug, to support each other. There is always a solution. Let’s help each other, in any way possible. Even the smallest thing, the smallest action in such situations, is important.

The mourning of the cassette.

I’ve cried a lot over these cassettes. And during my vacation, at some point, I couldn’t stop thinking about them. They needed some form of redemption. Even with this brief mention.

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Fasting! More than a personal case!

Fasting in larger social groups, as with religious fasts, used to symbolize periods of life and nature. It was done during the winter and spring equinoxes and prepared the body as it symbolized attunement to the changing of the seasons.

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Intuition, part 1

All humans have intuition and intuitive abilities. It is an internal mechanism that guides and protects us. It is the inner voice of the soul and its immediate messenger. It is the part of our soul that is connected to pure inner truth without the filters of the mind.

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