Herb of the week – Nettle leaves

Welcome to the Herb of the week! Here you can find short presentations of favorite herbs, common uses, and some extra information related to Chinese and Greek herbal medicine.

All the information provided is informative, if someone has health problems or wants to follow a specific treatment, it is good to refer to an herbalist and even with the supervision of his doctor in cases of prescription medicine. In cases of herbal therapy, an herb is rarely used by itself and is needed to be monitored by a trained herbalist for the right combination.

According to TCM theory, spring is the season of the liver, and that’s why it is the best time to do liver detoxification. Of course, for every season there is a suitable detox method, but especially the spring season is ideal. The whole blond of the body travels through the liver to be filtered, and if there is a big agglomeration of toxins, it is stored there. The mechanism by which toxins are stored and cleared from the body is wonderful and works non-stop. Toxins are created daily in our bodies, so if we maintain their level low it is easier for this mechanism to work fast and remove them. If we choose to detox the liver with herbs and diet just once, it is not enough. We should avoid daily all the toxification factors such as coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, stress, etc.

In Chinese herbal medicine nettle is used: 

  • To dispel wind and dampness
  • As a diuretic
  • To promote the movement of qi and body fluids.

The nettle is cold in nature and has bitter and pungent taste. Some may experience intense sweating when consuming nettle tea.

Traditionally, nettle is used for arthritis, rheumatism, cystitis, intestinal parasites, and uric acid depletion. Sometimes used by itself or in combination with other detoxifying herbs to prevent and eliminate toxins. It is also important to mention how rich it is in minerals such as calcium, copper, chlorine, potassium, silicon, sodium, iron, and vitamins such as C, K, and B complex. It is also used in poultices or lotions for skin and hair for its beneficial properties against hair loss and dandruff.

Suggested combinations for infusions:

Nettle, taraxacum, thistle seeds the absolute success for seasonal detoxification.

Nettle, taraxacum, thistle seeds, cynara, for very intense liver detoxification, especially in cases of alcohol and drug abuse.

Nettle, taraxacum, mint to detoxify and stimulate digestion.

Nettle, hawthorn, thrush for circulatory stimulation, digestion and detoxification.

Nettle and fennel seeds for lactation. Boil 1 tbsp. fennel seeds for 5 minutes, remove from heat, and add 1 tbsp. nettle. Wait another 5 minutes, it is consumed hot.

Caution! It is generally a common and safe herb, but should not be consumed by people with stomach and spleen deficiency.

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