Mindful eating

We have forgotten to eat consciously. Especially the rhythms of the city, several times make us get lost in our own daily life. How often do we use the phrase "Today I did not even have the time to breathe"!

We have forgotten to eat consciously. Especially the rhythms of the city, several times make us get lost in our own daily life. How often do we use the phrase “Today I did not even have the time to breathe”! This is unfortunately literal. Because in stressful situations one of the first things that changes is breathing, it becomes shallow and so our body activates the defense mechanisms. In such a busy schedule it is natural not to prioritize the preparation of a richer meal and to stick to simple and quick solutions.

How much time do we spend on our food before it is consumed and during a meal? This means the time required to think about what to eat, to buy our ingredients and to cook them, until, of course, we enjoy it!

It may seem a little unusual to us in the beginning, but everything matters. Where will we choose to buy the ingredients, the ingredients, the people we will meet, and our mood as we prepare our food. You may have noticed that when we are conscious, focused and cook with joy, for example, to welcome friends all the energy of the food is different. Since ancient times it has been recognized how important it is to share food and in fact in a pleasant atmosphere.

Let us mention the importance of which people we choose to sit at the table with, and if we will discuss, what quality of conversation we will have. In a fairly down-to-earth example, you are in the work environment taking a 10-minute lunch break. At the same time has a colleague who you may have had a heated argument with earlier. It is better to go to another place to have lunch and continue to resolve the issue later, than to restore the condition of disagreement at meal time.

So let’s keep for today 30 minutes that we will dedicate to our food with appreciation, gratitude and love. For all the “todays” you choose, it is slowly becoming a healthy habit.

Those of us who have entered, even occasionally, into a period when we pay attention to our diet, often feel discouraged or even give up when we see how much time is required for a balanced daily life.

In fact, preparing meals properly due to our limited time being organized, helps us to have a calm mind and not have to think “what will I eat next” all the time. At first it seems more difficult than it really is. Our stomach is obedient from the moment we start training it. If you have ever experienced intermittent fasting or even just the “I do not eat after 8” challenge, you might have noticed that at first you may have had difficulty because the stomach had a different ritual, but over time it adapted to the new condition.

It is proven that when we eat in stressful conditions we spoil or delay our digestion. In order for the nutrients to be absorbed and for digestion to be activated, our parasympathetic system needs to be activated. This means eating in a clean, quiet place without distractions. If you think about it, it does not take so much time that we can not leave our mobile phone, TV or any medium for 30 minutes. The same goes for all the stimuli during a meal, audible and visual.

Due to the rhythm of life the rhythm of eating has been affected, too, so we need to continuously remind ourselves to be conscious and calm and to eat slowly. To give ourselves the required space and the time in order to feel the level of satiety, and of course to enjoy. One tip for longevity is to eat until you feel the 70% of your stomach is full.

Food is a pleasure and includes all the senses, not just the taste. Look at your plate. What colors does it have? Isn’t it beautiful? Prepare a bite, smell it before you put it in your mouth, as soon as you put it before chewing it, leave it on the tongue for 1-2 seconds and feel the flavors, the texture of the food. As you chew feel the taste change until it is ready to be swallowed.

Take your time and enjoy your meal!

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