Full moon meditation

Luckily and hopefully more material for the BrainTuning podcast will be ready soon.

It’s been some time since the last guided meditation was recorded. The main reason is that the speed of content making is crazy especially if it’s just only one person and this is not your primary job. But luckily and hopefully more material for the BrainTuning podcast will be ready soon.

Also, the good thing with meditation is that you  can practice the same thing again and again. This way you gain more benefits and it’s easier to remain focused.

So, for this meditation, I made a script so you can be inspired, read it, and do it by yourself.

You can use the energy of the moon tonight to guide you in a very strong and bright meditation. We are approaching the vernal equinox, and it is the first full moon of spring.

If you have a window with moon view, you can find your spot there, otherwise, find any place you feel comfortable and imagine that you are in a place where the moonlight bathes you.

Find a comfortable position, you can change it whenever you want.

Take a few deep breaths and bring your awareness to the here and now.

Let your body soften, expel all tension.

Allow or ask the moon to shed light on what opens before you. To strengthen your commitment to your dreams. Ask her to show you everything you have already accomplished. You deserve to be in peace. You deserve to be proud of what you have accomplished. Allow yourself to recognize your steps. With the energy and wisdom of your moon, everything you need to communicate appears. Everything finds the right time for you and you have the right words to express. Ask her to reveal to you everything that opens up in front of you, all your opportunities. All the possibilities and all the steps that will lead you closer to your dream. Remember that you always have support, you can ask to be revealed to you. As soon as you feel that the journey is over, say a big bright thank you. Pay attention to your breathing, your body in the space you are in. And slowly stretch, shake in any way your body needs and gently open your eyes.


Feel free to send your impressions using the contact button.

If you want to do more guided meditations you can look for the BrainTuning Podcast.

Love and light.💜🙏🧚

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