Soulful Abundance Retreat

Heading to the heart of the summer where the inner fire reaches its peak and meets the outer, we invite you to a chill, relaxing, initiating 3day retreat, 16-18 July in nature by the sea.

Τhe interaction with the magical landscape of southern Peloponnese and the connection with nature, create the best circumstances for rejuvenation, relaxation, and expression of inner joy.

Let’s open our hearts, grow our consciousness and mindfulness for self-care, as well as discover our healing abilities through the 1st level of Reiki attunement and yoga practices.

Saturday 16/7 we reach the beautiful space of Scarecrow and in the afternoon we will open our circle with a welcoming ceremony. We will have our delicious dinner and Vipassana practice follow, for at least the next morning.

Sunday 17/7 we will enjoy a morning mindfulness meditation, hatha yoga practice under the trees, so we prepare our bodies and minds for the Reiki level 1 attunement that comes right after. We will have free time for relaxation, walk and grounding until the afternoon when we will practice yin yoga and sound healing. Our day ends with dinner under the starry summer sky.

Monday 18/7 we start reiki practice while receiving group reiki healing from the instructors. We will have a light breakfast and then we will take a nice meditative walk that we will do breathing exercises and yoga by the beach. Of course, we will take a nice cooling swim. There will be free time to enjoy the place and practice reiki. In the afternoon we will close with the 5 principles of Reiki in a beautiful ceremony where we will share our experiences, we will sing and dance.

Detailed schedule and information about the event here.


χρύσα κούρεντα



During the days on the farm, we will have the luck to enjoy home-cooked vegetarian food of Mediterranean cuisine with extra virgin olive oil from the estate, vegetables from the garden and eggs from the henhouse. We will have a brunch meal around 10.30-11.30 which will include various local goodies. In the afternoon-evening, we will have a rich dinner that includes bread, seasonal salad, appetizer (pies, meatballs of various vegetarian ingredients, etc.), a portion of the main course, and fruit. 

It is recommended to avoid cigarettes, coffee, and alcohol throughout and the diet included in the menu is plant-based.

About the space

The place where we will be hosted is, a farm which is located in Marathopoli, Messinia, in a seaside village between Kyparissia and Pylos, 270 km from Athens.



Four large Bell Tent tents-fully equipped with beds and electricity are provided. The tents are comfortable enough for three or even four people to sleep in each. If one wants complete privacy they can bring and set up their own tent in a shadow. In case someone does not have a tent we can provide it.

There are three shared toilets with showers inside and two outdoors showers.

The total cost of the program includes: 1st level Reiki attunement, certificate of attendance, textbook with detailed notes, Reiki practice, 3 yoga classes, 3 meditation practices, accommodation for two nights, 2 breakfast-brunch, 2 dinners, and a small surprise gift that you will take with you.

The price does not include transportation costs and extra activities that someone can attend. The transfer can be done either individually by car or by bus.

Participation fee

In a tent of three people

In a tent of two people

We know that a lot happens and there can be cancellations at the last minute. The deposit ensures the reservation of your spot but also the payment of the rent of the accommodation. Exceptions can not be made for any reason, no exceptions are made for delays in arrival or departure before the end of the event.

To book your spot or any information contact us at [email protected] (Chryssa), or at 697 219 4468 (Anthemis).

The purpose of the retreat is for the participants to have a deep inner transformational experience focusing these 3 days on themselves, by living in the moment. We want to be fully present in what we do and develop the tools we can incorporate into our daily lives. With the reiki attunement, the practices of vipassana, and yoga begin we redefine the simplicity, the union with our body, our soul, and the relationship amongst us.

No previous experience in Reiki, meditation or yoga is required. Musical instruments are welcome, if anyone wants to bring their crystals to be cleansed and charged, or anything you might wish.

Activities schedule

Day 1

Vipassana is an ancient practice in which the practitioner remains silent and meditates without coming into contact with external stimuli. Avoiding any kind of contact with electronic media as well as telephones is legitimate except in exceptional cases. You can inform relatives and friends in advance that you will do this exercise for one night. Ideally, the practice of silence, external meditation, of non-contact with technological means will be kept throughout the seminar, with the needed exceptions.

It is allowed to read a book in physical form, walk / leisurely walk without speeches, tea and water are allowed.

Day 2

Day 3

We expect you gladly!

Chryssa and Anthemis.