Sound Healing

The sound

Sound, like music, is an international language. The information decoded through hearing, acts beyond the mental level. They affect mental, physical and energy levels. Through sound, all people can come together without knowing each other.

Sound is constantly in and around us, and through hearing we do not stop for a moment to receive and decode the environment we are in. The same goes for smell and touch. Only with sight we do have voluntary use of the eyelids and we can rest our eyes and keep them closed without receiving stimuli. When we close our eyes we leave space for the other senses and enter into their deeper observation. That is why in meditation practices it is customary to close our eyes to listen to our thoughts, our feelings and to observe our inner world without distractions from the stimulus of sight.

A little bit of physics could not be missing for the definition of sound because the sound is a natural phenomenon that is found everywhere in nature. Sound is the result of the oscillation of air molecules with pulsating movements from the moment a body is set in motion, vibration or oscillation. This results in the creation of a wave (acoustic wave – sound) that includes a certain frequency range (20-20,000 Hz) for the human ear to perceive. Vibration at a specific frequency produces energy that travels in space, solids, liquids and gases.

What is sound healing?

Sound healing is a meditation practice in which we allow the body to relax and travel through the sounds of metal or crystal bowls, gongs, and various other percussions, winds, psalms, mantras, etc. It gives us a pleasant feeling like when we watch a concert or when we listen to music for relaxation. It is usually done in groups but also in individual sessions.

The sound healer transmits the sound and vibration with the instruments they use and creates an experience that concerns the whole body. We feel the vibration in our body being transported and traveling inside us, so that we can observe and focus in the here and now. It is a special experience because it acts on the physical, the psycho-mental but also on the energy level, since sound is energy by definition.

Τι είναι;

Through the energy of sound waves, the brain waves change. Through the pulses of sound waves our cells vibrate and we tune in with the subconscious mind. Many times this practice ends up being a form of self-knowledge since the goal is through the external stimulus to dive, as deep as we can, inside us.

Usually, the experience is intense even the first time one attends a sound healing session. Everyone experiences this unique experience differently. Some in a sound therapy session may fall asleep and some may let their senses travel. Essential oils in the space and crystals are often combined to offer a more complete experience.

After the session it is good to stay in a quiet place, to see people we feel comfortable with, to make less use of technology means to experience more empathy and connection. By applying the above we stay tuned for more hours and we manage to stay conscious and attentive to the emotions that emerge from the experience.

What are the benefits?

  • The mind calms down and we enter into deep relaxation.
  • Stress levels are reduced and so there is an improvement in blood pressure and sleep quality. In addition, we stimulate our immune system.
  • Better concentration levels are maintained.
  • It is a meditation technique that can be practiced by anyone without the slightest experience.
  • We experience deep relaxation and so we may notice pain that was in the body to soften and go away, or even enhance other healing techniques that we may follow.
  • Thoughts, feelings and situations that need a solution may emerge.


Sound massage

Sound massage is the sound healing in which the sound sources are applied on or near the body, so we feel the vibration more intensely and in direct contact with the body. It has a more intense feeling, we sink more easily. It is usual in an individual session.










People with health problems, epilepsy, pregnant women, and those who have a tendency for headaches should consult their doctor before trying such an application.

If you are interested and you want to experience the sound baths follow the link below.

A project dedicated to the magic of sound and plants.