Chryssa Kourenta

Chryssa was born and raised in Athens. She has been doing musical studies since 4-years old, including classical piano, and singing too. In 2010 she completed the classical harmony studies.

Throughout her childhood / teenage years, she participated in several bands including school bands, classical orchestras, and rock bands.

From the first time she entered a studio as a teenager, she knew for a fact that she wanted to do this professionally! 

Needless to say, Chryssa made her love of sound into a career. In 2007 she studied sound engineering at I.IEK DOMI. During her studies, she was actively working by doing P.A. for conferences and other events.

In 2009 she started working at Sierra Studios. She was the main assistant for Alexandros Chrisidis.  After a while, she became part of the full-time Sierra Post Production and Dubbing team.

She is highly experienced in recording, dialogue editing, music editing, vocal tuning, and mixing for music and films. She also does a phenomenal job with sound design!

Along with sound, a love for alternative therapies developed that led her to study acupuncture at the Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine from 2013 and in 2018 she attended a three-month scholarship to Tianjin University of T.C.M. Her interest in alternative therapies was enriched by herbal medicine, reiki, sound therapy, crystal therapy, tai chi-kung, and Theta Healing.

Podcasts have come into her life for a long time now and meditation is an integral part of her daily life. The idea for the BrainTuning Podcast was being prepared for two years until it was completed and published.