Chryssa Kourenta

Chryssa Kourenta

Born and raised in Athens, Chryssa has been immersed in music since the age of four, studying classical piano and vocals. By 2010, she had completed her classical harmony studies, participating in various musical ensembles from school bands to rock groups.

Driven by a passion for sound, Chryssa pursued sound engineering at I.IEK DOMI in 2007, gaining hands-on experience in P.A. for conferences and events. Her career took off at Sierra Studios in 2009, where she worked as the main assistant to Alexandros Chrisidis and later joined the Sierra Post Production and Dubbing team full-time. With expertise in recording, dialogue editing, music editing, vocal tuning, and mixing for music and films, Chryssa also excels in sound design.

Later, she collaborated with theatrical productions, providing sound design for performances, live theatrical sound, as well as in the production of podcasts. She worked with numerous post-production studios in Athens, most notably the Open Studio Post of Akindynos Gikas.

Beyond sound engineering, Chryssa’s dedication to holistic wellness led her to study acupuncture at the Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She furthered her expertise with a three-month scholarship at Tianjin University of T.C.M. in 2018. Her holistic approach includes herbal medicine, Reiki, sound healing, crystal therapy, TaiJi – Qi Gong, and Theta Healing.

Currently based in Switzerland, Chryssa works with the bio-energetic medical team at Chenot Palace Weggis, where she integrates bioresonance and TCM acupuncture. Her innovative approach combines traditional techniques with modern bioenergetic practices, offering comprehensive wellness solutions.

Her passion for sound and sound healing led to the creation of “Aural Vibrations,” which combines her knowledge of sound engineering with her passion for healing. Meditation is an integral part of her life, reflecting her commitment to personal growth and holistic health. This led to the creation of the guided meditation podcast, BrainTuning Podcast.