Mindfulness Mondays 08

live in the present moment

In every breath, in every moment of our lives, there is an opportunity. The opportunity to delve into the magic of life.

Mindfulness Mondays 07

self acceptance

The voice of self-acceptance knows and embraces our wounds. It allows us not to be “perfect.”

Mindfulness Mondays 05

daily routines

As we grow older, our imagination becomes limited, so we want to find ways to keep it alive. The key to our imagination is held by our inner child.

Mindfulness Mondays 02

Breathing, breathwork, take a deep breath

We are a journey of breaths. Our life begins with our first inhalation and ends with our last exhalation. The entire interval of breaths is the journey of life.

Mindfulness Mondays 01

Mindfulness Monays, monday 1

Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a term that now appears very frequently and concerns all areas of our lives. A person who embarks on the exploration and application of mindfulness quickly realizes that it is not just about focusing on the observation of breath for 5-10 minutes. In these 8 weeks, we will undertake a small personal […]