Soulful Abundance Workshop

We invite you on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December to a two-day experiential workshop totaling 11 hours, in the wonderful space of Ananda Unity.

Come to activate the body, expand the senses and the heart, and get attuned to the 1st level of Reiki. In this workshop, we will enrich our practices with Yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, sound healing and aromatherapy.

In the first level of Reki, we learn how to do reiki on ourselves, we will get in touch with our energy centers and we will be given tools that we can incorporate into our daily life.

Notes and a certificate of attendance will be provided after the seminar.

What have we prepared for this workshop?

Yoga as a healing practice that balances, strengthens, and activates the physical and energy body, meets the attunement of level 1 Usui Reiki. Yoga creates the necessary condition where the physical and energy bodies are prepared to receive the energy that is about to be received.

With Reiki we tune into the cosmic life-giving energy of love, deep understanding and peace. We remind the innate healing ability, that natural energy passes through the body and is capable of easing pain and calming the spirit.

Through all of this we will let our senses guide us on an inner journey of self-awareness. All our practices combined to find that point of release, openness, and trust.

The energy of the heart opens and expands in all levels through a deep feeling of Love.

Love for who I am, love for what I do. Love for the people around me. Love for all creatures, for nature, for the earth. Love.
I accept, I forgive, I love.


With the gentle Hatha Yoga practice, the movement follows the breath. By paying attention to the breath we naturally, with softness let existence spread. Thus, they open the “energy channels” or otherwise “nadis” for the Indians, or “meridians” for the Chinese, so that the “prana”, or “qi”, or vital energy is harmonized and flows smoothly in the body . The result is physical health and mental well-being.
Yoga Nidra, or otherwise yogic sleep, is a meditation technique. It leads to different states of consciousness between sleep and waking so that we can achieve deeper relaxation and deeper self-awareness. It is mindful sleep with proper guidance.

The nidra yoga practice will be accompanied by sound healing and aromatherapy. As the sound and music wash the space around like a waterfall of sound and vibration while with the sense of smell we travel the soul to distant places, so that there may be small moments of reconnection with the pure essence within us, with the Higher, with the Universe, or just to relax.

Aroma Therapy and Sound healing

We combine essential oils and some burning aromatic sticks and palo santo. These scents calm us down with the aim of improving a person’s physical as well as mental health.

We use singing bowls, crystal bowls and gongs to complement the experience of relaxation and meditation so that through sound, music and vibrations we can awaken the sense of hearing.


Why would anyone want to learn reiki?

With reiki we learn a very simple technique of self-healing with the gentle touch of the hands on the body channeling energy to ourselves and to our loved ones, reaching a feeling of deep relaxation and tranquility.

It’s a nice way to start listening to the so-called energy world. We familiarize ourselves with our energy field, our own energy flow and use it as a tool that unlocks the mental, intellectual and emotional level reaching self-awareness.

Reiki promotes relaxation, stress reduction and helps improve overall health and well-being. It brings us into a meditative state, listening to the body’s internal rhythm, tensions, movement and stillness, reaching deeper levels of connection with the self.

The Reiki practice becomes a way of life for a world we all want to live in as it creates feelings of understanding, kindness, love, security, forgiveness, gratitude, well-being, calmness, serenity, and inner peace.

It has nothing to do with religion and no prior knowledge or experience is required to take the first degree.

The hosts


χρύσα κούρεντα


Participation fee


We know that many things happen and there may be a cancellation at the last minute. The advance payment ensures the reservation of a place and also the payment of the rental of the space. No exceptions can be made for any reason, no exceptions are made for late arrival or departure before the end of the event.

To book a place or any information contact us at  [email protected] (Chryssa) or [email protected] ,or call 6974977834 (Ariadne)

Activities schedule

Saturday 10/12

Sunday 11/12

We expect you gladly!

Chryssa and Anthemis!