Meditation group

On Monday 28/11/2022 and every Monday, an online meditation group starts.

These 60 minutes include breathing exercises, meditation and discussion on wellness issues that concern us.

Participants receive reiki and guidance.

The group starts online and once a month there will be a live meeting for further deepening.

ομάδα διαλογισμού, meditation group

When we are in a tense environment, in a stressful situation or as soon as we feel stressed the first thing that changes is our breathing.

Breathing is the tool that activates and relaxes us. It is the easiest way to get in touch with the present, the here and now. It can also work as a therapeutic tool for emotional release.

With breathing exercises we learn to be conscious and become aware of keeping our breath full, exercising our respiratory system which results in an improvement in sleep quality, strengthening of immunity, release of stress.

Why would anyone want to meditate?

Meditation is a practice in which we train the mind to focus on one thing at a time. This is the opposite of what we learn in western societies where we consider multitasking an achievement while it is something that gives us more stress. With meditation we allow all our senses to activate and focus on one subject at a time and thus return to our center while cultivating the ability to observe. In the long run after practice, even when faced with something difficult we can remain in the position of the observer to find possible solutions without identifying with a situation.

There are many techniques and different ways to meditate. There is no concept of right and wrong in meditation, only that each person finds the right practice for him.

What one needs to experience the benefits of meditation is to repeat the practice often.

Using our senses

In meditation there are also some additional tools that can be used in combination to reach deeper levels of relaxation and also to get in touch with all our senses. Such are essential oils, crystals and music.

With essential oils we manage to sensitize the sense of smell, with scents that promote relaxation and a sense of well-being.

With crystals we connect with subtler energies to tune into qualities we need. For example amethyst is associated with sobriety in thought, so when we use amethyst in meditation we allow ourselves to connect with this quality.

Sound healing is a combination of different musical instruments such as gongs, crystal or Tibetan bowls, whose sound helps us focus and relax as we play. Information decoded through hearing operates on a level beyond the mind. They work on a mental, physical and energy level. Through sound all people can come together without knowing each other. When we close our eyes we leave room for the rest of the senses and enter into their deeper observation. That is why in meditation practices it is common to have our eyes closed to listen to our thoughts, our feelings and to observe our inner world without distractions from the stimulus of vision.

Through the energy of the sound waves the brain waves change. Through the pulses of the acoustic waves our cells vibrate and we tune into the subconscious mind. Many times this practice ends up being a form of self-awareness since the goal is through the external stimulus to dive as deep as we can into ourselves.

Guided by

Chryssa Kourenta

χρύσα κούρεντα


In each live meeting, different essential oils will be used as well as aromatic sticks and palo santo. If anyone has sensitivities or allergies please inform in time.