Usui Reiki

Reiki is a traditional Japanese energy healing. It comes from the Japanese words Rei and Ki which mean Flow and Energy or Cosmic vital energy. It is similar, if not the same, to Prana in Ayurveda and Qi in Chinese Medicine. It has obvious and fast results, in improving health because it helps in managing excessive stress, in physical well-being, in relaxation, in developing optimism, in sleeping problems, in developing positive emotions and habits. These are some examples of how we commonly use this energy healing.

How does it work

This is a common question when someone hears about Reiki for the first time. It is a tool that works. Experiments and research have been done to measure the results and its effect, but even there is no scientific proof of how, there is an assumption that it works. In some countries, reiki and nature walks are prescribed as natural antidepressants and ways to improve mood. From personal experience I want to share that first I experienced it and then I believed it, I loved it and I wanted to know more about it. Many people experience it that way. Once you feel and understand it, you are not interested in explaining how and why it works; you know it works. Simply by physical touch or remotely, the energy ray is automatically activated from the healer to the receiver.

During a Reki session some people feel a lot, they let themselves relax and trust the process. On the other hand, some other people report that they feel nothing special the first few times when the mind travels to different thoughts and expectations for the healing process from descriptions of others. For each individual the experience is totally different, they need to trust it for themselves and let it work. No matter what, Reiki flows, cleans and unblocks what it is to be unblocked each time.

What is described can only be felt experientially. Before anyone is interested in learning this technique, it is important that they have received it as a treatment themselves. Of course, attunement without previous experience is possible.

Many times, with Reiki we manage to soften painful symptoms e.g. in menstruation. It helps detoxify and strengthen the immune system. It helps to achieve better balance in all aspects of our lives. It boosts our intuition.

Reiki can not hurt. However, as we work with issues that are unresolved, may come back to the surface, and face challenges in order to be led to the positive changes a person desires.

How it is applied

Live session

The healer rests their hands on the body in the appropriate positions. Starting a session, the healer uses the symbols as teached and lets the Reiki energy travel through the body of the receive, who is simply asked to relax and receive.

Distant Session

Many have questions about how distance healing works. All Reiki practitioners from the 2nd level can send treatment with the distance energy healing symbol. We are talking about energy, it is beyond space and time. We can send for past events and for future events, since everything is here and now. Any time or space differences are not a barrier. Personally, I suggest to the receiver to sit comfortable with a candle, scented stick or essential oil diffuser, to relax and receive. The person can meditate or just let go and deeply relax.

Distant reiki sessions are filmed and then sent to the receiver. The sessions can also be done via a video call.

Who can receive

Everyone and everything! It applies to people, animals, plants, space, crystals in our food and water. With the reiki we activate the flow of energy, with pure intention and selfless love we clear the negative energies and we let the positive energy flow again.

Who can learn to do Reiki

Everyone can learn and practice Reiki. Usually we all start practicing on ourselves and we continue with relatives and friends, our space, our plants, our pets. We see how it evolves and how it works. Traditional Reiki is divided into 3 levels. Εveryone starts with an attunement of the 1st level from a Reiki Master. Whoever receives an attuning, by that moment onwards, is always a ray, always has the energy available in their hands and the energy always flows. In the 1st level it is recommended to be practiced for personal use. Anyone wishing to continue in the 2nd level, through the guidance of their teacher, learns to use the symbols and send distant healing. Many healers remain in 2nd grade for many years and some practitioners do not even feel the need to move on to 3rd level. In the 3rd level is when the student now gets the symbol of the teacher and becomes the so-called Reiki Master.

Reiki Principles

If you are interested for an 1 on 1 session or being attuned to the Reiki, you can use the contact form.