Realign and Connect Retreat

In this unique connection between the two worlds of yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine, we come together from October 13th to 15th to share a holistic approach of the body.

Through this practice, we reconnect our existence with the inner healer, combining the meridians (energy channels) of TCM with yoga exercises while activating specific points.

About the space

KYFANTA is a three-star hotel with 15 bright, airy studios and apartments with air-conditioning, kitchenette, television, internet access, telephone and private balconies giving spectacular views of the sea and the mountains. One of the buildings has central heating.

The Studios enclose the three sides of an open interior courtyard dotted with olive trees. On the fourth  side of the courtyard there is a spacious open-air breakfast-bar and the reception area with windows  looking at the olive grove.

The goal of this retreat

Through our practices, we come in contact with the vital energy (prana, qi) which is constantly flowing within the human body.

Yoga, meditation, sound healing, acupressing points, and the return to observing nature, all unlock blockages.

In this way, we restore the individual self-healing ability of the body.

Chryssa Kourenta




How is this idea manifested

Our personal need for sharing and connection led us to co-create and draw inspiration from the union of these two worlds. We skillfully harmonize the therapeutic approach of yoga combined with acupressure, using pressure on acupuncture points.

Three days dedicated to the body, mind, spirit, to help raise our energy to resonate at a higher frequency.

From the most superficial energy to the most internal, we discover these expressions together and journey toward the body’s ability to self-regulate.

During the retreat, there are available therapies that will be carried out in the free time for anyone who is interested, offered by Chrysa. The therapies are booked based on priority with an extra charge. For more information, you can ask us. There is the possibility of pre-booking and booking on the spot.

Activities schedule

Friday 13/10

Saturday 14/10

Sunday 15/10


In this retreat there is no medical diagnosis.

If you are receiving medical treatment, consult your doctor before booking.

Please inform us in advance of any allergies or food sensitivities.

Please notify us in advance in case of musculoskeletal problems, difficulty moving, or if you have had any medical interventions in the last 6-12 months.

Please notify us in advance if you cannot sit on the floor and need a chair.

If you are in the first trimester of pregnancy, consult your doctor before booking.

You acknowledge the personal risk involved in activities outside the hotel premises, such as hiking or going to the beach, for potential injuries. No organizer assumes personal responsibility for anyone.