Ear acupuncture

Like the reflexology of the hands and feet, where the whole body is mirrored in a microsystem on the palm and the foot, in auricular acupuncture we use the so-called body microsystem in the ear. This means that the entire body is mapped to a miniature and gives us access to the whole body and the possibility by activating the points to enhance the action of classical acupuncture through the ear points.

The goal of auricular acupuncture is to normalize the body’s dysfunction by stimulating certain points in the ear. It stimulates the nervous system and helps improve the body’s energy flow. It is safe and with fast results especially for issues such as difficulty sleeping, digestive problems, stress relieving, migraines etc.

Needles and ear seeds stickers are used with a hypoallergenic seed of the Vaccaria plant. The stickers remain for 2-3 days on the ear, in order to activate the point used and after the session, for a longer period of time.