Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is well-known, widespread therapy in many folk traditions, for example in Greece, the Balkans,and China, and was commonly used for colds. Over the years of application and development, it is used for other cases,too, such as muscle pain in the neck and waist. Furthermore, it has cosmetic applications for cellulite, and facelift. It is a safe method when it is done correctly and there are no contradictions.

There are 2 types of cupping therapy. The traditional one with the use of fire, and the other with plastic cups. Both are effective, with good results but we need to choose what is needed and what will work best for each case. Cupping marks and spots are left locally which gradually cure in the following days.

One can also choose to do cupping therapy as a precaution, because it improves blood and lymph circulation, and helps in rapid detoxification of the body.