Yin Yang Meditation

The yin-yang is constantly moving in order to maintain balance. If there is a separation from the

Divine Masculine Meditation

Male energy is associated with fire, with the father sky and the sun. How are these energies expressed in your body?

Διαλογισμός Ιερού Αρσενικού

Η αρσενική ενέργεια σχετίζεται με τη φωτιά, με τον πατέρα ουρανό και τον ήλιο. Πώς εκφράζονται αυτές οι ενέργειες στο σώμα σου;

Ready for vacation?

Sunscreen, sunglasses, shading products, reusable water bottles, coffee glasses as well as straws and of course guided meditations that you will find on the platforms you listen to podcasts and on YouTube.

Ocean Magic

We have reached the 18th and last episode for this season to welcome summer which symbolizes a lot to each one of us.

Follow your inner path

We continue with the eighth and last meditation of this series, in which through the gradual balance of all basic energy centers, we deepen in the aura levels.

Less stress, more meditation!

In our daily lives, we tend to accumulate stress without even being aware of it. Stress is commonly manifested in our behavior and health, so we need to self observe and learn to manage it better.

It’s time to feel grounded!

We need grounding more often than we realize. Grounding happens with many techniques or ways, such as physical touch, massage, or gardening.

It’s time to relax!

Our first episode is an introduction to meditation and relaxation. We visualize light that calms and heals us. Find a quiet place, put away your phone or any other distraction and concentrate on yourself. If you are driving or doing something that needs your attention, please download it and listen to it when it’s time […]