Crystal Healing

How beautiful the crystals are! Whether someone believes in their energy or not, or in their healing properties, we can certainly not deny their natural beauty. Isn’t it to wonder how with so many years of pressure beneath the earth’s surface all these elements came together to form these beautiful minerals?

The crystals have a very high vibrational frequency, which has been measured. For example the frequency of amethyst is at 32,876 KHz. So if we take it purely through physics, and since everything is translated into frequencies, due to the phenomenon of resonance a system with a higher frequency excites its neighboring systems and then will oscillate at a higher amplitude.

In the part called crystal healing, what we are looking for is to increase our vibration, in order to gain as much awareness as possible. The stone as a stone also symbolizes the power of faith. And when you attribute a property to something, it also serves as a reminder. For example, if you use a crystal with the property of calmness, every time you see it will help you calm down.

Through crystal therapy we actually manage to relax and direct the mind and bring to our consciousness ways of solving various issues that may concern us. We can use all the tools that lead us to awareness and each of us chooses what suits best for thyself.

Some people are very sensitive to the energies of minerals and others, perhaps a little more advanced, have an even more exceptional communication with the mineral kingdom and perceive the entities of the crystals.

Most of the time, crystal therapy is combined with something else; oftenly with meditation and Reiki, or sound healing. Personally, I combine it with acupuncture and Reiki and always with essential oils in the room. This combination leads the receiver into deep relaxation and calmness