Cosmetic Acupuncture

What is it?

It is a natural, non-surgical / invasive method where with the use of special needles in specific areas we boost the natural regeneration of cells and tissues as well as the natural production of collagen, without the use of chemicals. It is applied to all areas of the face: forehead, eyes, eyebrows, nose, cheekbones, around the mouth, under the chin and in the neck.

Why choose cosmetic acupuncture?

In a cosmetic acupuncture treatment we adapt to the needs of each skin type. With systematic repetition the results are obvious. The expression wrinkles are reduced and softened, the swelling under the eyes is reduced, the skin becomes tighter, and all face muscles are stimulated because of the production of collagen. Of course while working on the face, we work with our mental level, too, so it offers deep relaxation.

Meridians that run through the face

Everything in Chinese Medicine is divided into Yin-Yang. Anything that is on the surface is characterized as Yang and as we go deeper it is Yin. By working the face (yang) we activate the qi movement on a deeper level (yin), because meridians pass and travel from the face, inside the body. The meridians that pass through the face are the stomach, the bladder, the gallbladder, the triple burner, the large and the small intestine.

In every session, we work on a mental-emotional level. Our senses and perceptions on multiple levels are becoming clearer.