Lower Self

The lower self has a lot of difficulty with changes, it does not want to change what it has known and learned so far because that is how it recognizes "itself".

Analysis and understanding

In the various spiritual practices as well as psychoanalytical understandings, our existence is divided into multiple expressions in the fields, dimensions and planes. There are various interpretations and placements, divisions and terminologies. Those that will be used in this text are from the practices of reiki, theta healing and personal spiritual search. Some things have been tuned through meditation and some things through experience

Why is it useful to know about our lower self?

By understanding the expressions of ourselves and our energy, we can easily apply and understand our behaviors in our daily life. We gain more awareness and become conscious of our actions and reactions.

In general, everything is an expression of our own existence, there is no separation of good/bad, but there is the analysis, understanding and management of our habits in order to recognize from which fraction of our existence we express ourselves. A human being is composed complete with all expressions, from the physical body to the supreme spiritual body.

Each person is an expression of all planes and possibilities. How much everyone will open to the abilities and possibilities given, has to do with the level of consciousness, the circumstances of their life, the environment in which they develop, free will and personal desire for evolution. For some people all this is completely unimportant, for some it becomes the purpose of life. We respect and accept everyone’s choices. As we gain our own awareness, we too choose which frequencies we tune into for our personal path.

The lower self

In the lower self is expressed everything that we have identified with our identity, our ego.

Identification with thoughts, feelings, desires, and impulses is expressed. This expression of ourselves is also connected with the physical body, our physical image, what we recognize as “I”. Here belong the emotions with the lowest vibrations such as fear, anger, jealousy, resentment, animal instincts, survival instincts, fighting instincts. That is, they are all instincts that work to preserve life. The power of these expressions is impressive.

The attachment to our material needs or the difficulty to part with objects, it’s also often met as a longing for everything material, all these are expressions of the lower self.

Small disclaimer: Of course we live in a material world where matter and spirit are necessary and inextricably linked. We do not condemn earthly materials and goods, nor do we depreciate them. They are necessary and we need them for our quality of life. But here an attempt is made to separate, analyze and understand their use and purpose. The example is about when a person becomes captive and so tightly bound to the material side of life that it becomes an obstacle and do not allow themselves to recognize that everything is a means.

Another aspect of our lower self is the search for external confirmation of our worth, always looking for validation, any action or behavior to satisfy the EGO.

The lower self has a lot of difficulty with changes, it does not want to change what it has known and learned so far because that is how it recognizes “itself”. Very often the lower self identifies situations or habits with its own existence and cannot imagine existing without it. It easily settles into their comfort zone and any call to action finds it sluggish and adversarial. Very often this is our attitude towards our addictions.

lower self, fear, afraid, overcome fears

In a simpler understanding, the lower self has many automatic reactions.

Like when we have no awareness/empathy of our actions. Usually people who do not focus on some form of spiritual upliftment function only through this level of lower self, perhaps with rare flashes.

All our automatic reactions and habits belong to the lower self, as well as what we have picked up or unconsciously repeat because we were taught that way. Inherited behaviors and reactions, our projections of ourselves to others as well as the projections of others to us.

As one evolves on the path of self-improvement, on the path of spiritual search and unlocks the higher qualities, then the person becomes aware of the lower expressions, and thus the change becomes conscious, as we recognize the patterns of our life.

In this expression of self/being there is another very tangible and everyday example. This is where all the automaticity is “recorded” after practice, what we call muscle memory (something that has been so well imprinted in the body that it happens automatically). The special thing here is that, while the first process is done through the higher expressions of mind, for example the learning of an art, it is transferred to the automatic/lower self so that the consciousness saves time and leaves room for creativity to be realized without much thought concerning the technical part. This is a higher expression of the “lower self”.

As we develop spiritually we “rein” it, we learn to control it or even better to recognize when we are in one or the other expression. We gain composure and restrain the most “animal impulses”.

Recognizing that we have such behaviors and habits in our lives is a positive sign that we are on the path of seeking.

Everything is useful and necessary for our existence and survival. Everything was developed based on needs in our evolution.

In our next topic, we will develop the concept of the higher self.

Until then, take some time and notice your reactions and thoughts, and in your own time, in your own way, identify if there is something you wish to change and find out how to achieve it.

To get in touch with and resolve the patterns that concern you, whether you recognize that they are part of the lower self or not, you can try reiki, theta healing and meditation.

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Whatever is written represents the sharing of personal thoughts and observations. Its purpose is to share and potentially provoke thought. It is not a diagnosis, nor a reference to illnesses, syndromes, dysfunctions, or disorders.

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