Kinetic meditation

It is common in some techniques and traditions to use movement in order to achieve a meditative state. The most common combination of movement with conscious breath is in yoga and tai chi. A kinetic meditation can be achieved in different ways, either someone guides you from a position to another or letting your body move freely without judging it. Usually in Tantra techniques for awakening an archetype from the body’s hidden ancient memory, you close your eyes and let the body express without filtering it. With movement, you help your body release stress and regulate the breath, since due to the movement and the need for more oxygen you have to breathe deeper. There are many ways to apply this technique and once you listen to your body there is nothing wrong. We remind you that any process or situation can be meditative, as long as you stay focused on the here and now. In this episode, you will let your body move in any way it needs to. It is interesting to repeat it every now and then so that you notice the different needs that will come up each time. Wear something comfortable, find a place that no one will bother you, press play, and let go.

Find a quiet place, close your cell phone or any distraction and dedicate these minutes to yourself. If you are driving or doing something that needs your attention, please download it and listen to it when it’s time to relax. If you are pregnant and feel some discomfort, you can save this meditation and practice it after giving birth. Enjoy!

Written by Nikoleta Kounenidaki, Chryssa Kourenta. Narrated by Nikoleta Kounenidaki. Sound engineering by Chryssa Kourenta. Music by Dimitris Kogiannis. Recorded at OpenStudio Post.

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