Full Moon Special meditation

After 2,5 years of no new meditations, I felt the need to share this spontaneous moment.

Being in a place with no recording equipment for the last few months, an impromptu recording with just my phone and my editing skills, I embraced this urge to share and did what I had to do!

I hope you like it and enjoy it as much as I did.

It is a short meditation but full of insights and healing energy.

In this meditation we allow the human existence to connect and resonate with the frequency of abundance.

Written, narrated, edited Chryssa Kourenta

Music by Aural Vibrations Vagelis Moschos, Chryssa Kourenta

Cloudscapes: A Sound Healing Journey
• Cloudscapes: A Sound Healing Journey

Grief meditation

Grief is another tool to work on our selfishness. To be able to think about what is best for the passing soul. It is very difficult to admit sometimes that every soul leaves at the best time for it.

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Follow your inner path

We continue with the eighth and last meditation of this series, in which through the gradual balance of all basic energy centers, we deepen in the aura levels.

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Experience your space

In this episode we will explore our self-awareness in relation to a space in which we feel comfortable, and the feeling we get from that space.

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