Couples meditation

If you have been looking for meditating with someone else, this is the right meditation for you! You can practice with a friend or significant other and relax together as you observe to becoming one and exchange energy.

If you both practice for a long time, you can also sit facing each other in the lotus position with your spine straight. Otherwise, you can use a chair and sit opposite, looking at each other. If you are an erotic couple you can if you want to proceed to the last stage of meditation where you hug and your abdomen and chest are in contact.

Find a quiet and comfortable place. Create a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere with candles and low lighting, maybe use some scented sticks for the room, take your couple and let’s get started!

Written, narrated, music and sound recording by Chryssa Kourenta.

Recorded at Open Studio Post.

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Kinetic meditation

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